Artist Talks and Demonstrations by members and guests are a regular part of our monthly meetings and some of our exhibitions.   If you are interested in giving a presentation or learning more about this, please send an email to

Upcoming Artist Talks/Demos:

Thursday, May 30th, 11am & and 5pm at Charles Fine Arts:
Jan Charles will give a wood block printing live demo.

Wednesday, June 19th, 6pm at Rockport Art Association & Museum:
Nella Lush will speak about artists’ fear.

Past presentations:

5/23/19 Kathleen Miller gave a demonstration of cold wax medium and spoke about being an artist and gallerist.

5/18/19 Kat Masella gave a demonstration of her art making process.

5/16/19 Ruth Mordecai spoke about the making of her new art book and her journey from figurative to abstract painting.

5/15/19 Yhanna Coffin talked about her artist tools and some of the inspirations for her work (photos here).

10/25/18 Elaine C. Daly gave a presentation showing the possibilities of making art with repurposed plastic bags, and demonstrated some of the different effects you can achieve (photos here).

09/20/18 Otto Laske gave a presentation on the impact of using software on the structure and process of the artist’s creative process. The presentation focuses on the mindset a visual artist acquires through continued digital practice, and the nature of the experimentation s(he) is led to undertake.

07/18/18 Jacki Harrington demonstrated her process/techniques for making pressed flower art (photos here).

10/26/17 – “Outsider, Insider or Self-Taught? From Dubuffet to Boston and Beyond”, by Barbara Trachtenberg (photos here)

09/21/17 – “Gamblin Paint Demo”, by Kristina Carroll-Gamblin

08/24/17 –  “Standing on a Threshold of Experimental Art – a presentation on the importance of the paper print”, by Leslie D. Bartlett

07/27/17 – Encaustic demo by Kat Masella

06/22/17 – Presentation about experimental artist Ana Mendieta,  by Yhanna Coffin

05/18/17 – Wood/mixed media sculpture demo by Jeff Grassie

04/20/17 – Presentation about experimental artist Phillip Noyed, by Terry Del Percio-Piemonte