Education Programs

Artist Talks and Demonstrations by members and guests are a regular part of our monthly meetings and many of our exhibitions.   If you are interested in giving a presentation or learning more about this, please send an email to

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Mary Jane Mulholland will give a presentation on her digital painting process.

Morning Girl by Mary Jane Mulholland  ~ 9" x 11"  Family by Mary Jane Mulholland iPad Art: Procreate/Art Set ~  x   Wistful by Mary Jane Mulholland iPad Art, Procreate, Art Set ~ 9" x 11"
Images ©Mary Jane Mulholland

Thursday, September 21, 2019, 6:00 – 7:30 PM
Bernd Haussmann will speak about “connectivity and self-experiencing. In short, on the inner-world-of-the-outer-world-of-the-inner-world. Presence and now”.

#2667, 40x30, mixed media on canvas
#2667, 40×30, mixed media on canvas, ©Bernd Haussmann

Previous Presentations:

7/17/19 Sculptor Thomas Berger gave a presentation (photos here) on the creation of Millie the Whale— the first Art & Play functional sculpture in Rockport’s newly renovated Millbrook Meadow. Millie is created from granite quarried from Johnson’s Quarry in Rockport. The stone traveled to Berger’s studio in Kittery, Maine where it became Millie.

Thomas discussed his work process and his own background. He was born and grew up in Germany and has lived in Africa and Australia. His interest in agriculture, landscape and art has led him into being a stone sculptor.

6/19/19 Nella Lush spoke and facilitated a group discussion about artists’ fears at Rockport Art Association & Museum.

5/30/19 Jan Charles presented two wood block printing live demos at Charles Fine Arts.

5/23/19 Kathleen Miller gave a demonstration at Charles Fine Arts of cold wax medium and spoke about being an artist and gallerist.

5/18/19 Kat Masella gave a demonstration at Charles Fine Arts of her encaustic art making process, using non-toxic materials she developed.  A video of the demo is here, and on her website KATMASELLA.COM. Kat edited the raw 1 hour recording down to 35 minutes.

5/16/19 Ruth Mordecai spoke about the making of her new art book and her journey from figurative to abstract painting.

5/15/19 Yhanna Coffin talked about her artist tools and some of the inspirations for her work (photos here).

10/25/18 Elaine C. Daly gave a presentation showing the possibilities of making art with repurposed plastic bags, and demonstrated some of the different effects you can achieve (photos here).

09/20/18 Otto Laske gave a presentation on the impact of using software on the structure and process of the artist’s creative process. The presentation focuses on the mindset a visual artist acquires through continued digital practice, and the nature of the experimentation s(he) is led to undertake.

07/18/18 Jacki Harrington demonstrated her process/techniques for making pressed flower art (photos here).

10/26/17 – “Outsider, Insider or Self-Taught? From Dubuffet to Boston and Beyond”, by Barbara Trachtenberg (photos here)

09/21/17 – “Gamblin Paint Demo”, by Kristina Carroll-Gamblin

08/24/17 –  “Standing on a Threshold of Experimental Art – a presentation on the importance of the paper print”, by Leslie D. Bartlett

07/27/17 – Encaustic demo by Kat Masella

06/22/17 – Presentation about experimental artist Ana Mendieta,  by Yhanna Coffin

05/18/17 – Wood/mixed media sculpture demo by Jeff Grassie

04/20/17 – Presentation about experimental artist Phillip Noyed, by Terry Del Percio-Piemonte