The Experimental Group of the Rockport Art Association & Museum was created with a vision to
increase awareness in our communities that all art forms matter.

Audiences may have difficulty in understanding or engaging with experimental arts.
Artists may have difficulty finding an environment in which to be understood and engaged.
Our monthly meetings provide that interaction that artists seek.

We connect, explore, share ideas and methods through art presentations, demos and talks with the intent to reach creative freedom.

If you’d like to join the group or get more information,
please contact Nella Lush at experimentalgroupraa@gmail.com .

2021 EG Committee
Nella Lush – Leader – experimentalgroupraa@gmail.com
Matt Cegelis – Webmaster – mattcegelis@gmail.com
Donna Caselden – PR – dcaselden@gmail.com
Kat Masella – Educational Coordinator – Kmasella@mac.com
Pat Alto – Membership – patalto@comcast.net
Kristine Fisher – Creative Advisor – mkristinefisher@me.com

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